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  • Begin with an assessment of your brand and digital presence
  • Work with a personal branding coach to engage in a process to discover, synthesize and express your brand DNA
  • Develop and execute a strategy for deploying your digital brand in way that moves you closer to your professional goals
  • Track, measure and maintain your digital brand presence over time

Pick a headline:  Competition is global. Information is free. The playing field has leveled.  They are all saying the same thing – the old rules no longer apply.

What changed?  Consumers and business customers have been empowered by the free flow of information that the Internet and the advent of social media have created.  Finding the right solution and choosing who to do business with is easier than ever before.  To use a sports analogy – the ball is in the customer’s court.

What are the implications for you and your business?  What has worked in the past won’t work the same way in the future.  Years of experience, a great track record and a strong network are now just prerequisites for consideration. Standing out from competitors who are just as qualified is the key to winning.  Differentiating who you are, what you do and how you do it will determine the degree of your future success.

What to do next? You already have the building blocks for success, the Brand DNA, to rise to the challenge presented by the new rules.  How you draw on your strengths, shape your offerings, express your brand and build your digital presence will drive business wins and create new opportunities.

Brand Personal is a service that enables high achieving professionals like you to achieve your goals by leveraging your personal brand power.

It’s like having your own personal coach, branding expert, strategy consultant and digital PR agency working together as one team that is fully dedicated to your professional success.

The four step Brand Personal process takes a comprehensive approach to deliver the best possible solution while being considerate of the value of your time.

We begin with an assessment and benchmarking of your brand and your digital presence relative to your goals, your competition and best practices.

Once we have documented the starting point and identified areas for improvement, a personal brand coach works with you to discover the key elements of your brand and synthesize those in a way that fully expresses who you are and what you do.

We then bring in world class writers and digital marketing experts to help polish the communication aspects of your brand and develop a strategy for deploying your brand in way that moves you closer to accomplishing your goals.

We next work with you to execute the strategy, deploying the brand in places across the digital spectrum where it will have the most impact.

Finally, we set up a system that efficiently tracks, reports and sustains your digital brand presence to maximize your return on investment.

Professionals who take the time to discover, express and deploy their brand will see almost immediate benefits.  Emails get returned.  The phone starts ringing more often.  Sales cycles shorten.  New opportunities present themselves.

Our clients enjoy a career-changing experience without having to make large changes to their calendar or push back on near term priorities.

The process is not always easy – self reflection and making hard choices can be painful at times, but well worth it in the end.

Your confidence will surge because you are investing in yourself and your future success while working with a team of world class professionals who are fully behind you.

The best time to get started would have been last year.  The second best time to start would be today – the earlier you begin to realize the full potential of your brand, the sooner you will reach your goals.